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Bicincittà is a bike share system, serving  Pontedera

with 40 bikes and 5 stations




A bicycle sharing system is a service in which bicycles are made available for shared use to individuals who do not own them. The central concept of these systems is to provide free or affordable access to bicycles for short-distance trips in an urban area as an alternative to motorized public transportation or private vehicles, thereby reducing traffic congestion, noise, and air pollution. Another advantage of bike sharing systems is that the smart cards allow the bikes to be returned to any station in the system, which facilitates one-way rides to work, education or shopping centres.


Pontedera city council and S.I.A.T.manage and maintain the system

Currently the network consists of 5 stations to lend and return 40 bicycles distributed throughout the system. The stations are situated next to public transport stops and in the city centre. To use the system, you must become a member. Membership card costs 5 euros and can be acquired at S.I.A.T. office,17, Repubblica street.(Siat ph.number: 0587/59018). The first two hour is free. Subsequent  hours cost 0.50 € each



Individuals registered identify themselves with their membership card at any of the hubs to check out a bicycle for a short period of time. The individual is responsible for any damage or loss until the bike is returned to another hub and checked in.



Stations: Cavour square ( 10 bikes), railway station FFSS in Unità d’ Italia square ( 10 bikes  ), Hospital – Solidarietà square ( 10 bikes), exchanger parking of Cineplex – Market square ( 10 bikes ), exchanger parking of the cemetery ( 10 bikes )



Web site: http://