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creato da ufficio_turistico ultima modifica 21/04/2012 11:14

LIVING LIKE A LOCAL IN VALDERA, the heart of Tuscany countryside….


 Keep your eyes open, as well as your ears, nose, mouth, and mind


Try to absorb the new sights, smells, flavors, and attitudes all with an open mind.


Take in all the art, history and scenery that Valdera has to offer, but also look for hidden secrets...take side streets, paths, routes and see what you can discover.

Get lost.


Meet locals….this can be the best part of your experience because you learn so much. Have you always wanted to learn the world's most romantic language? Pick up a newspaper , magazine, or brochure in Italian; see how much you can figure out on your own, then use a dictionary to look up words you don’t know and don't be afraid to ask "Come si dice...?" (How do you say...).

Order a dish from an Italian menu. When you do dine out, eat wherever the locals eat. You can sit with them, chat, gossip and share the same meal. Food is something that connects us all.


Spend your holiday in one of the many types of accommodation that Valdera offers ; in many of them it is possible to get every day fresh organic milk, cheeses, eggs, olive oil, honey, fruit juice, wine and fresh home made bread.Valdera, which is well-know for its extensive and fascinating landscape, is as well as famous for its good quality wines and the special taste of its gastronomy.

When you hear about a local delicacy, it’s one thing to go to a restaurant and try it, but why not learn how to cook it yourself ? A cooking lesson is what you must try, to know more closely the technique, ingredients and family recipes that have been passed down through generations. If you learn to cook like the Italians, you can be sure to impress your friends and family when you return home.


The best way to indulge in Tuscan lifestyle is to know our fares and festivals, which is a complete contrast to our otherwise very quiet routine. The fares and festivals are great fun and cultural experiences.


Shopping in Tuscany is not to fill bags, but is also to meet people, exchange friendly conversations and even develop a relationship with them. Valdera will make a travelers shopping experience unique like every other experience here. Here you can find plenty of antiques and craft works to take back home. Local markets are also a special feature of Valdera.

Enjoy painting, ceramics, embroidery and every other handicraft classes.. it can be a learning experience and you can take back skills for your life.


Experiencing a foreign culture can do a lot to change on your outlook, both on yourself and on the world;  while you are here, expect to be challenged: linguistically, intellectually, socially,…be a traveller who has embarked on a journey of learning, changing, growing.


Travel should be much more than ticking of a list of places you have lived, you need to understand how the locals live their day-to-day life to truly experience an area.


Travelling is discovering, sharing, learning, dreaming, escaping…but also enjoying and appreciating the place you visit, like a local. Travelling like a local it’s sharing moments of inhabitants’s everyday life, their experiences and knowledge of the place……the Tuscan people are welcoming and friendly and any visitor will find a warm welcome in the cities, towns and villages of the area